Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun Fridays: My It’s-Not-The-End-of-the-World Blog Party! We’re all still here! Let’s celebrate!

First of all, I should note I’m writing and scheduling this post on Dec. 20, 2012, so I suppose there’s a chance it could go up to a completely not-there audience when Friday rolls around in the Eastern time zone. But, I’m fairly optimistic that 12-21-12 is not the end of the world. Yesterday was 12-21-12 in New Zealand, China and Australia, and they survived. What? Would the Mayans really discriminate and save a fiery meteor shower for North Americans? Mexicans?


So, if you’re reading this with me on 12-21-12, congratulations! We survived the fake Mayan Apocalypse in a totally non bad-Syfy movie kind of way! Yes! Do a fist pump with me. We can all celebrate a new year next week. Eat ice cream again. Do Snoopy dances. Watch TV. Go to work. (Groaning) Aw, man, I have to go to work Monday. Dang it.

Best of all (for me), there’s still hope my next novel might get published! That right there is all kinds of awesome (for me).

To celebrate the fact we're all, well, still alive, I thought I’d invite you each to leave a comment below and tell me: Now that you’ve survived the end of the world (again), what three things do you most hope to check off your bucket list before the next end-of-the-world scare? It can be serious. It can be funny. I want to hear them all. Let’s celebrate!

While we all ponder this question, here. Have one of these delicious, calorie-free, completely imaginary cupcakes I didn't really bake and help yourself to some imaginary punch while you’re at it. It’s over there in the corner of my imaginary ballroom in my imaginary mansion. Help yourself.

Don't judge. I’m a writer. Eh.

Now, answers.

I'll go first. The three things I'd most like to cross off my bucket list are: 1. Buy a nice house (not an imaginary one). My current living arrangements are pathetic, although I'm very, very, very glad to have a roof over my head. I'd just like a nicer roof. Okay? 2. Teach my cat how to fetch. It'll never happen, I know, but a girl can dream. I'll say it again: Don't judge. 3. Read all of the books on my Kindle. Read 1/4 of the books on my Kindle. Hey, it could happen!

Your turn. Go on. Post below.

I’d also like to announce the winner of my Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop giveaway since we're all still here. Congratulations, Sherry Johnson! Not only did you survive the Mayan Apocalypse, you racked up on my prizes! High five.

Thank you to all of my new followers and friends. I know I'm poking fun at this date, but in all seriousness, let's make a vow as human beings to be more kind to one another. Hug your parents/husband/wife/children/siblings/cat/dog/whatever and be grateful for your blessings. It's been a difficult past few months for most, with unrest in the Middle East, Hurricane Sandy and the Sandy Hook tragedy affecting most of us in one way or another. That's not even mentioning the personal burdens we each might be facing. My philosophy is that sometimes humor can make things a little easier to deal with. I promise I’m not always this goofy (much). I’m just so darn happy to still be alive today, I can’t help but acting a lil silly.

Care to join me?

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop 2012

Dusti, my lil furball, is a jolly gal.
That’s right. It’s December again, and time for the Mistletoe Madness Blog Hop 2012! First and foremost, I’d like to say Happy Holidays to you from me and my feline companion, Dusti — actually, she just says “Mreow!” which I’m pretty sure means “Hey. I hope Santa is really nice to you this year, and also brings me lots of tuna on his way to your house.”

Anywho, thanks for stopping by my site on your blog tour! I know you’ve got lots of other stops to make along the way, so I’ll keep this simple.

You can enter below to win a $10 gift card to Amazon and a free audiobook copy of my book, CRY WOLF, from

What the heck is CRY WOLF, you ask? Well, to keep you from searching, here's a short blurb.

Andrea Lockhart's job as a reporter for cheesy tabloid The Naked Truth isn't exactly where she thought her journalism career would end up. She's determined to make the best of it, but when her editor sends her to Woodbine, South Carolina, to investigate a werewolf sighting, Andrea decides the ridiculous assignment will be her last. Until she meets Sean Hunter.

The last time she saw Sean, he had just beat her out for the position of editor of their college newspaper, and told her she'd never make it as a reporter. Given his grand ambitions, she's shocked to find him editing the Woodbine Weekly. Once they start competing for leads on the werewolf, Andrea becomes determined to break the story first—she can't let Sean beat her again.

As they each get closer to finding the source of the rumors, the only thing more surprising than the truth are the feelings Sean is able to stir in her, feelings she thought she had left behind... 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are lots more prizes to be won! Don't forget to visit the other sites on the tour by clicking the links on the list here: or go enter for the main prize of a Kindle Fire here


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