Monday, September 12, 2011

Got my cover. Yay!

It’s hard to believe that in less than two months from now, my debut book will be available for purchase through Carina Press! Things are starting to speed up with that process, and I just got my book cover at the end of the week. I’m posting it below — what do you think?

I’ll be sending out ARC’s soon to reviewers. I was reading over the files last weekend. Am I the only author who has gotten to this stage, only to be riddled with doubts? What if people hate my story? What if people think it’s stupid? What if the publisher decides, last minute, not to publish it after all because they’ve realized, “Oh, wait. This is crap. Nevermind!”

Oh, the insecurities of being a writer. You gotta love it.


Vanessa Boekenoogen said...

Hi Angela,

I look forward to reading your book. I will be reviewing it soon off of NetGalley :)

Angela Campbell said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy my story. Fingers crossed.


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