Thursday, January 26, 2012

My fandoms are sabatoging my writing career!

That's right. I admit it. I have been spending way too much time watching my favorite TV shows, reading online news about upcoming movies ("The Hunger Games," anyone?) and diving into new fandoms to actually sit myself down and churn out the words needed to meet that self-imposed quota toward my next book (or two).

Don't worry. As soon as February rolls around, I will be more disciplined. I just have to find out what happens to Sam and Dean Winchester first, right after I catch up on those "The Vampire Diaries" episodes I've gotten behind on. Oh, and I've got "Once Upon a Time" recorded somewhere too. And "Glee."

Darn it!

Before you say anything, I haven't been totally amiss in my writing. I've been squeezing out a chapter here and there, plus working out some ideas on the awesome things to come to this blog that I mentioned in my last post. Basically, I've been trying to combine my writing duties with my fandoms, and oh, boy, am I excited about that! I've got three guests lined up for Q&As here, and trust me, these are some epic guests. I don't want to say too much in case I jinx myself or things fall through, but let's just say one of them is quite "supernatural" while another often gets lost "finding bigfoot," and a third is a fantastic up-and-coming author whose book was one of my favorites in 2011. What do they have to do with me, my books and writing? You might be surprised. You'll get to know me a little better because I truly don't plan to feature anyone I'm not a super fan of, and it will be interesting for me and you (I hope) to see how I can tie it all together under the theme of books and reading.

I can't wait to take a short break from my writing to share their Q&As with you on what I think will actually be called Fun Fridays here at the blog. Fingers crossed. First one should be up soon!

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