Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun Fridays: Q&A with my cat, Dusti

I love animals, especially cats. Since I do most of my writing in the company of my cat, I thought it might be fun to turn the reigns of this blog over to her for the day and get her feline perspective on the writing life. I mean, I've caught her at the computer more than once after I've stepped out of the room for a few. See? I snapped this photo not too long ago. I stepped out for a snack and came back, to find her both literally and figuratively on my laptop. What is she doing, you ask? I'd love to know that myself.

I sat down with my kitty over some Temptations yesterday and invited her to be my Fun Friday Q&A guest today. About 10 treats later, she agreed.

Angela: I want to welcome my cat and furry best friend, Dusti!

Dusti: Meow. Can I have some more treats?

Angela: After we finish this, maybe. And thank you for doing this.

Dusti: Whatever. Just don't forget the treats later.

Angela: You know, if I did, you could stand to loose a little weight.

Dusti: And you couldn't?

Angela: A writer's life can be very sedentary. (Clears throat) So, what's it like to live with a writer?

Dusti: Oh. Is that what you do all the time? I just assumed you were always playing on Facebook. 

Angela: No, I write novels. How can you not know this? I'm always pitching you my story ideas for practice! 

Dusti: Oh yeah. I just thought you were, you know, kinda weird.  

Angela: Nooooo. I'm a writer.

Dusti: Okay. So you're saying you're overweight and you're weird because you're a writer. Does that mean I'm a writer too? Cause you just told me I was fat. 

Angela: I didn't exactly call you fat! And no, you're jumping to too many conclusions! (Sighs) So what are you doing when I come in the room and find you on my computer?

Dusti: Usually updating my dating profile on Catster. Okay, I'll be honest. Sometimes I'm fixing the crap I read that you tried to write. Somebody around here needs to write something that might sell someday. I gotta eat. 

Angela: You're on Catster? 

Dusti: Who isn't? (yawns) 

Angela: And what do you mean, fixing the crap you read that I wrote? 

Dusti: Yeah, I edit the hell out of it. You're far too dramatic and long-winded. And you never have cats in your stories, so I add them.

Angela: Far too dramatic?

Dusti: Not very creative either. I mean, come on. You named me, a gray cat, Dusti. Not funny. It's hell on my dating profile on Catster to have a boy name. No one realizes I'm a girl.

Angela: You're not allowed to date. Besides, Catster isn't a dating site. (Shakes head) I can't believe you said I'm not creative.

Dusti: Yeah, and not funny at all. I inject some humor in your stories. Maybe I go a little over the top sometimes, but it's still good stuff. 

Angela: I can't believe it. You mean you're the reason I can't remember writing half the things in my files? 

Dusti: Duh. (Licks paw) Can I have those treats now?

I want to thank my cat, Dusti, for answering my questions today. In case you're interested, Dusti can be found on Catster. However, she isn't allowed to date, so don't get any ideas.

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Veronica Scott said...

Funny! You totally capture the attitude of The Cat!


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