Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun Fridays: Catching up with “Doctor Who”

I blogged before about my new obsession with that British treasure “Doctor Who” after giving it a shot on Netflix, and I also mentioned that I had to stop watching to mourn the Tenth Doctor. I didn’t mean to take such a long hiatus, actually, but life got in the way and caused some road blocks that prevented me from getting back to the show until now. I finally started watching the Eleventh Doctor episodes this week, and now I’m on episode 11 of series 5. I swear, this show is like crack — not that I have a clue what crack cocaine is like. Better to say it's like potato chips. You can't just watch one episode at a time. Well, I suppose if you were watching the show live you'd have no choice, which is what brings me to this. I’m well aware that the new episodes premiere on BBC America tomorrow night, and I don’t have BBC America. Lowers head, sobbing.

Now that I’m watching the Eleventh Doctor, I have to say I quite like him. Not as much as David Tennant’s Doctor, but I like him a lot. I like Amy. I like Rory. Anyone else think Karen Gillan and Felicia Day could play sisters? I see you nodding your head right now. Uh huh. Weird, right?

Anyway. I’m still considering doing a full-day marathon of Doctor Who tomorrow to reach the point where I could, in theory, watch the new episode. Is BBC America available online? Can I stream new episodes anywhere? Help? For the love of the Doctor, please help me!

In the meantime, have you seen this behind-the-scenes video of EW’s photo shoot, in which Matt Smith discusses the 50th anniversary episode?!? Epic.

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