Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Confessions of an audiobook-aholic

I’ve found that whenever I hit a snag in my own writing, nothing helps motivate me to write more than reading — reading other fabulous and awe-inspiring books. Unfortunately, my schedule can get a bit craaazy, so picking up a book and losing myself in it for a few hours isn’t always an easy option.

For several years, I commuted to work 30 minutes each way, every day, even on weekends. That’s when I discovered Audible, and podcasts, but I'll save those for another post. I tried the Audible free trial, downloaded some books to my iPod, and have been a subscriber ever since. I know listening to a book isn’t the same as reading one with your own eyes and imagination and inner voices, but I’ve really come to rely on it to get through my To-Be-Read pile. If I hear about a book releasing that sounds good but it’s not on audio, I think twice now about buying it. Sad, but true. I already have more than 100 books on my Kindle that I haven’t found time to sit down and read. Every now and then I make time, but oh how I wish half of them were available as audiobooks on my iPod. 

When I found out my first book was being released as an audiobook, I was thrilled! Seriously, I was. Did backflips in my head and everything. I’ve also tried to discover as many other Carina Press authors on Audible as I can, many of whom I’ve befriended on social media.

My most recent audiobook listens have been Wreck of the Nebula Dream by Veronica Scott (which was fraking fantastic!) and The Tales of the Underlight series by Jax Garren (which is really, really good y’all).  I’ve got to get to Pooka in My Pantry by RL Naquin and Soul of Kandrith by Nicole Luiken next because I loved both of the first books in those series. In fact, I’m kind of shocked I haven’t listened to them yet except, well, maybe I’m saving them for a weekend when I know I’ll have time to listen to them all the way through.

Then again, I’d probably best not wait for that to happen…

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