Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm impulsive = A Giveaway! (You can thank me later)

It has been an exciting week since Something Wicked released, and I have gotten a lot of great feedback from all over the place. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know some of you really like the book, and some, not so much. That's okay! I want to know either way! Any writer who tells you they can't improve is lying, but it's hard to improve without feedback.

So, me and my not-so-genius mind concocted a way to encourage more feedback! Plus, I might have stolen the idea from one of my fabulous critique partners, Cynthia D'Alba, who also has a new release out now. And I might have also seen my friend and author Jax Garren doing a similar thing. Obviously, they're much smarter than me. Cynthia's book is Texas Tango, and it's a fantastic read if you love contemporary westerns. Trust me, I've read it. Loved it. Go check it out. And everything Jax writes has been good so far, so I have no doubt her new release, The Elf and The Ice Princess will be aaaa-mazing. Can't wait to read it myself...

Anywho, I'd love it if you leave a review so that others can see it too, so I'm giving away one $30 gift card to the online retailer of the winner's choice and selecting the winner at random from the entries submitted below. That's fair, right?

All you have to do is leave a review at a book reviewing website for either book in my new series — On the Scent or Something Wicked — and fill out the form below. Easy cheesy.

Thanks for participating, and may the force be with you good luck!

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