Monday, June 30, 2014

Pet psychics - do you believe they exist?

So I've had an interesting couple of weeks. I was in a fender bender that has left my car in the body shop for going on the second week now, and I've felt pretty banged up, too. And last Thursday, while walking my friend's dogs, I came across a tiny black kitten that my friend and I then went to great lengths to rescue. A foster through a rescue group now has the kitten, so hopefully the poor little guy is getting the care he or she needs to eventually be adopted out to a loving owner.

I mention these things because it will help you understand the awww-factor of another interesting thing that happened to me Sunday.

My rental car has satellite radio, and one of the channels — STARS 106 — features a weekly show with renowned pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick. I used to love watching Sonya's show on Animal Planet many years ago, and I've listened to her show before when I had access to satellite radio. Yesterday, I decided to call in and see if I could talk to Sonya. I've tried before and never gotten lucky enough to get on the air.

Anyway. First try, her screener answered my call and put me in the cue! Wow. I could not believe it. I'll note that all that was asked of me was my name and one brief question that I'd like to ask Sonya. I decided to ask Sonya if my cat, Dusti, was feeling okay. She's had a lot of issues with her anal glands, and she even had a procedure for that about a month and a half ago.

So I finally got on the air with Sonya. I sounded like a kid and apparently say "um" a lot, which is embarrassing, but anyway.

Before anything, Sonya asked, "Who's the black cat, Angie?"

Wow. I was kind of in shock for a second, because that little black kitten I helped rescue has been on my mind a lot since I turned him/her over to a foster mom.

So I explained to Sonya that I had just found this kitten.

"He came in immediately, and he's very grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, he says."

Next, Sonya asked when Dusti had had trouble with her digestive system, and we chatted about my cat's anal gland problems.
My beloved and very spoiled cat, Dusti

My cat also told Sonya I'm a big worrier (I totally am), and said I'm always worrying about her. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. That's not a whoa factor, because obviously I'm worrying if I called in to ask how my cat was feeling, but still.

"When did you change her food or give her something different?" Sonya asked then.

Whoa. At my vet's advice, I switched Dusti's food completely about two months ago, because my kitty is a little fatty and because the vet thought weight loss would help her anal gland problem.

Apparently, my cat likes the new food and recognizes she's well fed, even though she'd prefer it if I left food down all the time for her the way I used to, according to Sonya. She also misses her old bowl. Who knew?

Sonya also said my cat told her about my best friend, who lives in an apartment, and — another whoa moment for me — said that my friend's hair is very different from mine (I have long hair and my friend has very short hair). Apparently, my cat thinks my friend would look nicer if she grew her hair out like mine because I have "beautiful hair."

"And tell her to leave my nails alone if she comes visit," which cracked me up because the only time my friend comes over is to help me cut Dusti's nails.

My cat also supposedly told Sonya that I don't go away often, which is true. I get separation anxiety if I'm away from my cat for long periods. True story.

Apparently I'm "the best mum" and she loves me and is very happy and feels spoiled.

All in all, it was a very fun conversation and, yes, I was left a little amazed by some of the things Sonya said during it. Specifically, her immediate mention of a black cat. Also, that my friend's hair is very different from mine. Playing devil's advocate, Sonya could have guessed all of the rest based on whatever, but those two things? Very specific guesses that are amazingly accurate without, I feel, any leading on my part.

Obviously, as someone who wrote about a psychic capable of communicating with animals in my book "On the Scent," I am open to the idea of psychics being legit, although, to be honest, I also possess a healthy amount of skepticism in such matters.

I managed a recording of my conversation with Sonya, which I'm linking to below (It's about 8 minutes long). Give it a listen. You tell me — do you think this psychic spoke with my cat? Call me crazy, but I think she might have. And that, folks, is pretty darn cool.

Learn more about Sonya Fitzpatrick at her website. And listen to my clip on her show by pressing the PLAY button below!

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