Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A book trailer, reviews and a blog tour - oh my!

Whew, where does the time go? Can you believe there’s only two and a half weeks before my book will be released? I’ve posted a list of blog tour stops I’ll be making in the next few weeks, so feel free to stop by and give a shout out. Plus, there will giveaways! After all, I figure anyone who puts up with my quirkiness deserves the chance to win a little something.

In the meantime, the reviews for “Cry Wolf” are starting to trickle in, and (thank you, God!) folks have been largely positive. Some people have LOVED it and some people have rated it average on Goodreads, but I’m grateful no one has yet given me a 2, 1, or (gasp!) a zero. I’m sure those will come — after all, you can’t please everyone — but I’ve been too busy to really think much about it. I suppose there’s nothing better to cure neurosis than a little bit of preoccupation with something else.

I’m working on my own book trailer and hope to get that up soon. I don’t expect it to do much in the way garnering me readers, but as a wannabe, amateur filmmaker, I simply could not let the opportunity pass to dabble around with it. I’m having fun, anyway.

I’m thisclose to cutting out pictures of my book cover characters, attaching them to Popsicle sticks and using them to act out certain scenes. Or — too much? I don’t want people to think I’m not taking this serious enough, but that’s how my mind works. I always wanna go for the funny. And wouldn’t that be hilarious? I giggle just thinking about it.

I’m sure I could find a cheap wolf hand puppet at Toys R Us, after all…


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