Friday, October 28, 2011

My personal obsessions are...

I just discovered an awesome blog from some fellow authors (including my Carina Press Oct. 31 release mate Natalie Damshroder) who are passionate fans of the CW show "Supernatural." It's called Supernatural Sisters. Check it out. I'm also a diehard fan of the show, and I have been a loyal fan of Jensen Ackles for many, many years ("Dark Angel" is still one of my favorite shows, dammit! Why was it canceled? Why?! Why?! Why?! *bangs head against keyboard*). I'm still sad I had to stop referring to him as My Future Husband Jensen Ackles when he got married, but that's a subject for a whole 'nother blog post.

On the off chance people care, I thought I'd post a little about myself...or more specifically, my interests outside of writing. Well, that's a funny story, because I always combine my passions with writing. I actually have two other blogs that have become sorely neglected in recent months. One is "Confessions of a fangirl" where I have spent years blogging about my favorite shows (including Supernatural) and comic books and such. If you want to see how geeky I am (and how scary my mind can be), feel free to wander over and check it out.

I have also been collecting celebrity autographs since I was in middle school. It's more than a hobby. It's a passion! I love the challenge of seeing just who I can get a response from through the mail, and occasionally, in person. My collection includes Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple Black, Jennifer Lawrence, and (yes I have both through the mail and in-person sigs from) my former future husband Jensen Ackles. That blog gets a lot of traffic, so if you're interested, you can check that one out too.

Yes, I'm a blogging fool.

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