Monday, December 12, 2011

Fun trivia about "Cry Wolf"

Have you read "Cry Wolf"? Did you find yourself thinking, wow, this author is nuts for concocting such a weird urban legend. That would NEVER happen.

Would you believe that "Cry Wolf" was inspired by a real urban legend? Well, it was. There are modern day sightings of werewolf-like creatures in the United States, and cryptozoologists (researchers who investigate unknown animals) often refer to them as Dogmen. Perhaps the most famous case is called the Beast of Bray Road. Interested in learning more? I'm not usually one to promote Wikipedia because it's not always accurate, but after reading books and doing research on the topic, I give two thumbs up to Wikipedia's page on the Beast of Bray Road.

Check it out. Some fun and creepy reading there.

As the holidays near, I hope you'll check back here. I'll be announcing some giveaways I'm participating in, and whoa boy, there are some goodies. Details coming soon!

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