Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doctor Who: I finally get it

So I have a new nerd badge to add to my collection. (As if I needed another nerd badge to add to my collection) I am now a Whovian.

Wikipedia tells me this is mostly an American term for fans of the British show DOCTOR WHO and since I am, indeed, an American, I'll own it. It's all Dragon*con's fault. I saw a lot of DOCTOR WHO cosplayers at last year’s Dragon*con and finally added the show to my Netflix cue to see what all the fuss was about. Before Christmas, I took the plunge and started watching it. The new series, that is.

Total Whovian now. In my head, I'm talking British. Entire conversations with myself, in British. Every now and then, mostly when I'm mad, I'll do Dalek speak and find myself saying over and over "ex-term-i-nate! ex-term-i-nate!" As if I weren't already weird enough.

Gotta admit I thought the show was "cute" and "quirky" the first season, but once David Tennant stepped into the Doctor's sneakers, I became obsessed!
David Tennant as the Doctor

I get it. I get what the fuss is all about. The Doctor is freaking awesome!

Warning to all non-DOCTOR WHO viewers: The following passage will sound like the ramblings of a totally demented person. It all makes perfect sense if you watch the show. Just go with it.

I just finished “The End of Time” episodes and am trying to move beyond being devastated (yes, I sobbed. I actually sobbed a lot. Don't judge) because actor David Tennant is no longer playing the Doctor. I mean, I teared up when Christopher Eccleston left as the Doctor. Sure, I cried a little when Rose left as the Doctor's companion, too. I was a little—okay, well, I was fine when Martha left—but I had to get out the Kleenex when Donna Noble seemed to be leaving the show. However, I full-on cried my eyes out and screamed "No, don't go!" and scared my cat by snatching her close for comfort when David Tennant's Doctor began to regenerate on my TV. Then I got angry. Really angry. You-wouldn’t-like-me-when-I’m-angry angry. Darn you, Tennant! Why did you leave?!?! Whhhhhyyyyyy?!?

I know from the cosplayers I saw that the new Doctor wears a bowtie and brown jacket, and I have no doubt I’ll like him once I bring myself to start watching his episodes. But I’m still mourning David Tennant’s departure. For legions of fans, he's been gone for years. But he and I only parted ways last night. I need time before I can move on. Maybe, like, an entire week. Yeah, I’m not sure I can stop watching for longer than that. Truth. Don't judge.

I think I'm going to have to work on a time-travel story when I finish my current manuscript. Or is that lame? I've already decided my hero will be British. And wears a trenchcoat and pin-striped suit and sneakers and...oh, wait. Yeah, I totally need to work on my hero, don't I? 


Angela Korra'ti said...

Who fangirls represent. <3

I live in a diehard Whovian household. My partner and our housemate both have loved Who for ages; they're diehard Classic Who fans.

I didn't come in until the new show, though. Christopher Eccleston actually got me paying attention, and I will cheerfully admit that his chemistry with Rose made me sit up and take notice. But Tennant? Man. Tennant's the Doctor that actually made me swoon. I still miss him. Matt Smith's quite good, but he's not MY Doctor!

Angela Campbell said...

You and I are on the same wavelength, Anna. Swoon? Why, yes, I have swooned over the tenth Doctor. :)


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