Friday, February 8, 2013

Still here. Wait. Why is there a cat on my head?

It's nice to think some of you check this blog regularly and have been wondering if my absence meant I was abducted by aliens, but sadly, no. No aliens. Unless we're talking Alien-type aliens here, and then it's GLADLY, no. See, I was imagining E.T. to begin with, and—


This proves a point though. Lately, my mind has been more scattered than the plot of Battleship. I've been pulled in so many different directions, it's a miracle I've gotten anything accomplished. Work. Family drama. Friendship obligations. You know, life stuff. And my cat, who thwarts my every effort to get any serious writing done. Seriously, y'all, she's a pest. Last night she laid on my head while I was on the laptop writing, and when that didn't work, she decided to just plant herself on my chest instead. See that half-a-face underneath her fat butt? Yeah, that's me. I mentioned it was bedtime, right? Don't judge.

But, I'm back now and determined to be productive, pesky cats and all. I've been furiously revising a manuscript with the hopes of sending it out into the world of publishing again. I've signed up to take Angela James' famous BEFORE YOU HIT SEND workshop to polish it before I do so. Wish me luck.

Point is, I'm still here. Still writing. There's probably still a cat on my head, too. No aliens though.

I'm thinking that's a good thing.


Rebecca York said...

The cat has consented to lie beside me instead of forcing me to make my legs into a bridge so she can be under the covers while I try to type. Progress.

Crystal Posey said...

NORA IS COMING TO YOUR HOUSE?! Oh, wait. My bad. Good girl though. Good to know you have my back on that one.

And, um, hello? Who isn't terrified of an earthquake. In case you've forgotten, dear friend, THE GROUND MOVES.

I'll keep my tornadoes, thank you very much.

Crystal Posey said...

Leave it to me to comment on THE WRONG POST. Oy. Sorry about that!


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