Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book 3 is coming soon!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I finally have an update on my books and thought, what the heck, let's tell people some stuff!

Despite some delays, the third book of my psychic detectives series finally has a title, cover, and a new release date: September 18!  "Spirited Away," Spider's story, is available on Amazon for pre-order right now.

And I have great news about the cover, which I can't wait to reveal. But, I promised my publisher to let them do the reveal because, holy fishsticks! My entire series — "On the Scent" and "Something Wicked" AND "Spirited Away" — is being relaunched with all new covers. I can't wait to let you see them. I'm very pleased!

In completely unrelated other news, I've also discovered a new show and obsession: The awesomeness that is "Orphan Black." Have you seen it? I watched the entire series this week while watching over my dad who is recovering from surgery. My reaction was like...amaze-balls. And this.

And I have a new hottie on my watch list, Mr. Dylan Bruce, who plays the is-he-a-good-or-bad-guy Paul. That's some romance hero fodder right there, ladies and gentleman.

Anyway. That's my update. I'll let you know when the cover reveals will be happening — soon!

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