Monday, August 25, 2014

My first podcast interview is now live, plus...Dragoncon!

I am truly honored to be featured as the new and noteworthy author on this week's episode of PNR Radio, hosted by the lovely and talented author Arial Burnz.

This was the first time I've ever been the subject of a live audio interview, so of course I was a nervous wreck about doing it. Fortunately for me, Arial is a terrific interviewer who made it fun and painless. Plus, best-selling author Jade Lee is also featured in this episode, and we're both giving away free books, so please give it a listen and go enter to win, people! And if you want to leave Arial a comment thanking her for having me on or telling her how much you enjoyed her interview with Jade Lee, that would be wonderful and I will be eternally grateful.

A couple of things — we recorded this before the release date of SPIRITED AWAY was moved to Sept. 18, so ignore me when I mention it's already been released. And second, I am a lot older than I sound. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of my voice, but who is, right?

You can find more about the episode and listen to it on the PNR Radio website HERE. You can also download the podcast directly from iTunes HERE, or listen to it on the Stitcher Radio website HERE. To go straight to the page to enter the giveaway, simply click HERE.

Thank you for listening!

I also want to invite all of you to the Facebook party for "Winning Love" by Abby Niles. Abby is my awesome-sauce critique partner, and this book is amazing! I'll be taking part in the Facebook party, which is happening between 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 26. You can join the party HERE.

And finally...Dragoncon!

That's right. It's time for my annual journey to the Atlanta convention for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comic book, paranormal, and gaming. Anyone else going? I always have a ton of fun and report back on my adventures, so expect plenty of that to come your way next week! I will be lurking around the convention with my camera taking lots of pictures of cosplayers and celebrities and trying hard not to embarrass my niece and her boyfriend, who will be my sidekicks again this year. I am sure we will be at all the Buffy-related panels, I will try to get up enough courage to say hello to Veronica Belmont if I happen to find myself standing next to her again this year (yep — happened 2 years ago, but I totally chickened out at talking to her), and I hope to high-five the guys from "The Guild" again. They were awesome when I met them briefly a couple of years ago. And, the cast of Syfy's "Being Human" will be there, along with several cast members of my new maybe favorite show, "Arrow." It should be an exciting event this year.

And no, I'm still not in shape enough to cosplay as Wonder Woman, or anyone else. *sigh* Maybe next year?

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