Tuesday, October 7, 2014

6 reasons to read ON THE SCENT!

Today I continue my Halloween Reads week by giving you reasons to read all three books in my psychic detectives series this month! Seriously, you should read these books, and October is a great time to do it!

First up is the first book in the series, ON THE SCENT. It's not the most obvious in the series to read in October, but there are few good reasons you should. Here are just a few reasons why…

No. 1. Abbott and Costello! No, no, not the comedians from the 40s and 50s. However, ON THE SCENT features a cat and dog duo named after those guys, and I've gotten so many reader emails about my feline/canine Abbott and Costello, I sometimes wonder if anyone noticed the human characters in the story.

No. 2. The sexy private detective hero is psychic and can communicate with Abbott and Costello, and much hilarity ensues as a result. Plus, I modeled Zachary Collins after Henry Cavill in the looks department, so there.

No. 3. Romance! And suspense! Zachary is hired to protect Hannah, Abbott and Costello's beautiful new owner, who is in charge of the animals' fortune. Someone is after Hannah and her pets, and while Zach tries to determine who, and why, he fights his feelings for his new client.

No. 4. Perhaps the best reason to read ON THE SCENT in October is because it introduces characters who will appear in SOMETHING WICKED and SPIRITED AWAY, and well, you can read each book as a standalone, sure, but why not read them all, starting with book one? And the cast of characters is pretty awesome, if I say so myself. And I mentioned the hero of ON THE SCENT looks something like this, right?

No. 5. I'm still donating partial proceeds to animal rescue! Yep, that's right. So far I have donated more than $500 to help cats and dogs in animal rescue groups in my hometown. So if you read this book, you're donating to a worthy cause. And probably saving a life. Just sayin'.

No. 6. Plenty of readers have already enjoyed the book! Here are a sample of some of the reviews on Amazon...

"Loved it. Great characters, great animals, great mystery. Could not put it down." ✯✯✯✯✯
"That blurb alone (as well as being a romance) was enough for me to download this book. I loved the characters, Hannah and Zach, but especially Abbot and Costello. I had several laugh out loud moments and just enjoyed the book."  ✯✯✯✯✯
"On the Scent by Angela Campbell is one of those books that keeps you excited about what's going to happen next."  ✯✯✯✯✯
"Angela Campbell is definitely a reader’s best friend. This is one fantastic adventure." - Night Owl Reviews - A Top Pick!

So there you have it — six reasons to read ON THE SCENT this month.  And now, the blurb:


Book 1 in the brilliantly witty ‘Psychic Detective’ series from Angela Campbell – perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich & Stephanie Plum!

Hannah Dawson has a big problem: she’s just become the unexpected owner of a snarky cat, a loveable but not-so-bright dog… and their $10 million fortune!

Which would be awesome if it hadn’t made her the target of every wacko in the metro Atlanta area. Now Hannah and her famous pets need protecting and there’s only one man who can help them…

Enter Zachary Collins: ex-TV star of ‘The Psychic Detective’ and street-wise private investigator – all 6 foot blue-eyed gorgeousness!

Only Zach’s got secrets of his own – not least that he finds his new client irresistibly hot. The more time he spends keeping Hannah out of harm’s way, the more he’s tempted to give in to the attraction… even if it means breaking all his own rules.

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