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7 reasons to read SOMETHING WICKED in October

Happy hump day! Thanks for stopping by for my Halloween Reads week and checking out all of the awesome reasons to read my books this month. Today, you're in for a treat, because SOMETHING WICKED is being spotlighted.

The second book in my psychic detectives series, SOMETHING WICKED, is the most obvious in the series to read in October, because Halloween is almost here. This book, out of all I've written, boasts all of the spooky goodness Halloween fans are probably looking for. Here are just a few reasons why you should buy a copy right now and get to reading it…

No. 1. Ghosts. Ghosts are literally everywhere in SOMETHING WICKED. The book's heroine is Alexandra King, a psychic medium who communicates with ghosts, and even better, she's visiting Charleston, South Carolina — one of the oldest cities in the United States, and reportedly one of the most haunted. When she realizes a serial killer who calls himself The Grim Reaper is running around,   she utilizes the city's ghosts to track him down — and discovers a connection between The Grim Reaper and the city's ghosts in the process.

No. 2.  Not only are there ghosts. But wait! There's also "something wicked" loose in the city, something creepy and unknown that tries turning the ghosts against Alexandra to interfere with her investigation.

No. 3. It has Dylan Collins, a yummy homicide detective as the hero (who I might have physically modeled after Ian Somerhalder), who is a skeptic of all things paranormal — but that doesn't mean he doesn't step in to try to help Alexandra when she needs it the most. Not that she does, much, because Alexandra is more than capable of taking care of herself. Well, mostly. Either way, the chemistry between them is electric!

No. 4. Did I mention it's set in Charleston, South Carolina — which is one of the most beautiful cities in America, IMO. Read the book to explore why it's a romantic city to visit.

No. 5. The book is also set around the end of September/beginning of October!  What better time to read it?

No. 6. Before you question whether this book sounds too scary for you, let me reassure you there's plenty of comic relief to balance out any spooky bits. I promise.

No. 7. And finally, the reviews for this book are overwhelmingly positive. For example, 98% of the 48 people who've rated it on Goodreads liked it. Here are a sample of some of the reviews on Amazon.

"Overall, I really enjoyed this book and thought the ghost and serial killer plot was fantastic! It was like watching a scary movie where there were scenes that gave you chills, and Alexandra was a heroine that I could not help but root for!" ✯✯✯✯✯

"The author kept it interesting with the banter and flirtation between the main characters and the supporting cast (specifically the Charleston ghosts) was also very entertaining. It wasn’t too dark, was steamy but not raunchy and had a good amount of action."  ✯✯✯✯
"My thoughts are… AMAZING!

I absolutely loved Something Wicked. I loved the characters, the plot, the supernatural aspect, everything. I have nothing I would change or add, it was just awesome!" ✯✯✯✯✯
There you have it. Seven reasons I think you should read "Something Wicked" this month, like, maybe starting today. It is the second book in the series, but I am pretty confident it can be read as a standalone.

Seriously, I know it might sound conceited, but I really like this book. A lot. And I think you will like it too, especially if you're a fan of paranormal suspense with kickass heroines and sexy heroes. Just sayin'.


Something wicked this way comes…

All homicide detective Dylan Collins wants is a few hours of pleasure to take his mind off of the case haunting him. A serial killer is stalking the streets of Charleston, SC – a killer who calls himself The Grim Reaper. When the woman he'd just spent the night with turns up and offers her services as a psychic consultant on the case, his ardor quickly cools. Last thing he needs is to get tangled up with a con artist.

It doesn't take long for Dylan to realize Alexandra King is the real deal – and the killer's next target. Dylan's protective instincts battle his reluctance to get too involved with a woman he isn't sure he can trust. As they get closer to finding the killer, they also grow closer to one another, but will Alexandra's secret agenda destroy their chance at happiness – if the killer doesn't strike first?

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