Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Friday Q&A with author Lisa Fox

Today I'm happy to put new author and super cool human being Lisa Fox in the hot seat with my mind-delving Q&A. She has one of the best bios I've seen yet, and I think we could probably be besties based on it. Just sayin'. (smiles and waves at Lisa) Her story One Kiss was chosen by the editors at HarperImpulse as their Winter Wonderland Winner and was published last month to great reviews (not that I'm stalking my new bestie or anything...) Let's get to know her better, shall we?

Angela: Welcome to my blog, Lisa!

Lisa: Thanks so much for having me over!

Angela: Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Lisa: Adventurous, sarcastic, control-freak, book-lover, cookie monster.

Angela: Cookie monster! OMG, I love you already. So I'm a total geek, and I have to know: Are you a member of any fandoms (TV/film/books)? If so, which ones?

Lisa: I don’t really pay much attention to current pop culture (I’m honestly too busy killing things on my PlayStation to do much else) but I will forever be a HUGE X-Files fan.

The X-Files
Angela: Not to brag or anything, but I was in the official X-Files Fan Club way back when. I'm not even kidding (and I probably shouldn't admit that in public, should I? D'oh!). Pictures of David Duchovny as Fox Mulder were all over my dorm room. One of the biggest thrills of my life was meeting Gillian Anderson.

Lisa: AHHH you got to meet Scully!!! That's awesome. I got to touch David Duchovny once outside of the theater where he was doing a show in New York. I had to work very hard not to scream in his face. Ha!

Angela: OMG! I would have passed out. Lucky you! (besties, I'm tellin' ya) ...Anyway. Describe your ideal man or woman.

Lisa: Hugh Jackman.

Angela: (High fives Lisa) Celebrity crush?

Lisa: Hmmmmmm… Hugh Jackman.

Angela: You can invite five people to dinner, living or dead. Who would you invite?

Lisa: Five people? I’m not really all that much of a people-person. That’s a lot of people. I wouldn’t have to cook for all of them, would I? I’m an awful cook. Could I have the event catered instead?

Angela: We're on the same page, Lisa. Don't worry. I've determined the only way to get myself invited to everyone's dinner is to be the hostess and cook it myself (translation: we're ordering pizza or Chinese).

Lisa: I guess they’d all have to somewhat get along too, wouldn’t they? You wouldn’t, for example, want Caesar and Brutus at the same party. Or maybe you would. I guess it would depend upon what kind of party you were throwing. I think I’d prefer mine to be on the quiet side though.

So, I guess if I had to host this thing, and there was plenty of wine and no dishes for me to deal with after or any ambulances to call, I’d invite: Stephen King, Charles Bukowski, Haruki Murakami, Bruce Campbell, Pedro Almodóvar.

Angela: I'm not sure it would be too quiet with Bruce Campbell there, but still. Awesome choices. Thanks for letting me grill you today, Lisa.

You can learn more about Lisa at her website, Be sure to read her novella, One Kiss, which is now available.

Sometimes one kiss can change everything.
New Year's Eve is supposed to be a night for celebration and new beginnings. For best friends Kat and Dean, it is a nightmare filled with disastrous dates and enraged ex-girlfriends!

Lucky for them, they've got each other to help laugh off the embarrassing, and downright inappropriate, moments. But then midnight rolls around and neither of them have anyone to kiss…

There's no doubt this is a night they will always remember.

The real question is whether it will be a night they want to forget…

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