Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thanks for helping me save a life, or two!

It's been a rough week, y'all. I found out some distressing news about my father's health, I feel like I've been tossed into a meat grinder at the day job this week, and I finally got my new computer (cause my old one decided to imitate Linda Blair from "The Exorcist") and haven't had time to play with it yet (the horror!).

Seriously. I thought being snowed in last week for Snowmageddon was bad. Nope. Turns out it was a piece of cake.

Aladdin — saved!
Anyway. I realize I've failed to update folks on the donations I've made to my local shelter since the last report I gave. Good news! I've paid the sponsor fees on two more animals — a dog and a cat — who have gone to rescue and been pulled from the euthanasia list thanks to me and those of you kind enough to buy one of my books. The great thing about it is, when I clicked to send the funds to sponsor Aladdin today, my mood lifted and I realized how trivial most things stressing me out actually are. I suppose saving a life will do that to a person.

Unfortunately, I learned that sponsoring an animal isn't always enough. The rescue willing to take Aladdin, get him healthy, and home him is in another state. Transport was needed to get him from our shelter to them, and no one was able or willing to volunteer. Thankfully I found out, so I'll be driving Aladdin to his new location this Friday. It was that, or see the lil fellow put to sleep. I've never transported an animal for rescue before, so I'm nervous about it. It should be an adventure! Either way, he's saved, thanks to us.

So, together we saved an at-risk dog (I asked the money to go toward whichever dog needed it the most and would benefit), and Aladdin, this 3-year-old cat a rescue friend asked if I could help pay the fees for so a group could pull him. I was happy to do it, and like I said, it made me feel better after this horrible week I'm having.

I just wish I could afford to save more. Think how happy we'd all feel then!

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